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Massage relieves the burden caused by stress, anxiety and pain.  

People tend to expect one of two massage experiences- A deeply relaxing massage with a light touch leaving you peaceful but still in pain, or a deep massage that works out tensions but leaves you sore from the body work and is painful to experience.  My massage technique is different.  Experience a deeply relaxing massage while getting the kinks worked out of your neck, shoulders and low back. 

Every massage is individually customized but typically I combine movement modalities with deep tissue strokes to distract the muscles and remove blockages that trigger pain.  This type of massage also reduces tenderness after the massage.  

So, if you have tried massage before and still have headaches, pain and limited movement.  If you are tired of living life on the bleachers and are ready for change take some time out and view my website.  I am confident my unique massage style is just the thing to get you back into the game of life!  

If you have questions or would like to schedule a massage just click on the Contact Relief Massage page.  

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